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Eric F
10-30-03, 06:02 PM
This site is fascinating.

I wanted to purchase two items which were "in-stock" after putting them in my cart. At checkout it says my order will ship in "2" shipments, and charges me accordingly. So I contact the CSR. Chat goes something like this:

Me- I want to purchase so and so, but at checkout it's charging me for two shipments.

CSR- (after 10mins) One item is pre-order, so we can't ship untill later date

Me- So why does item come up as "in-stock"

CSR- Item is in-stock but can't ship

Me- Can't I place an order to ship as 1 every other retailer does this? The other item is hard to find.

CSR- We don't hold items. Wait, I just called warehouse, item is not in-stock.

Me- This makes no sense.

CSR- Item is in stock but can't ship.

Fun. So is this how they typically handle orders? You have to be luckily enough that every item you want is in-stock or they'll automatically charge you full shipping for each item?

10-30-03, 06:34 PM
I had similar problems with them in the past like this. Ordering something their site says they have over 10 in-stock and the order never ships. After asking why I'am told it will ship right away. Then being told the item is no longer available so it has been cancelled. Then a couple of days later their site says they have 15 copies in-stock of the same item, more than when I placed the order. Never placed another order with them.

John Sinnott
10-30-03, 06:58 PM
I've had problems with them too. A couple of years ago I almost placed an order, and they charged me two shipping charges because the items were in different warehouses! I e-mailed and they said that's their policy, and that it's more efficient that way. My policy is to not shop someplace that is as messed up as that.


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