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10-27-03, 01:28 PM
I've been playing this for a few weeks. Its not bad except for the injuries your players get. Grissom somehow sprains his ankle catching a fly ball right at him? The next three days Kent, Snow and Durham go down for 2 weeks. Lame. Guerrero and Sheffield are easy to strike out but L. Gonzalez rips the ball everytime?

I'm 42-3 overall. Bonds has a 41 game hit streak and 31 bombs. Alfonzo has a 34 game hit streak. Everyone is batting above .400 and Livo is my best pitcher.

Ralph Wiggum
10-27-03, 08:06 PM
I had it for awhile and thought it was pretty good.

Sounds like you need to turn up the difficulty. ;)

10-28-03, 02:40 AM
Just lost my fourth to Colorado. I've had to purposely give up runs to give my players some more AB's.

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