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10-22-03, 10:19 AM
My dad's pc keeps booting up for no reason. It is inconsistent and there is not specific time that it is off before it turns on automatically.

I have checked the bios and the wake on command is disabled. I even enabled it and then disabled it again to see if it would reset it but that did nothing. I have also performed all the basic maintenance including a disk cleanedup, a thorough scandisk and a complete defrag and no errors returned.

Do any of you experts out there have advice on some other things I can try? Your opinions would be appreciated! :)

10-22-03, 11:33 AM
loose power supply connector where it connects to the motherboard
I had mine somehow get loose and all sorts of weird things happened

10-22-03, 04:32 PM
It really sounds like a WAKE ON LAN issue. You've checked in the BIOS and made sure it's off?

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