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10-14-03, 12:21 PM
For some reason, my pc keeps resetting my webpage icons back to default in IE. Any way to stop this?

Running Win2K, IE 6.0.28

10-14-03, 01:06 PM
if there ever is an answer to this i'll let you know...or i'll let you know...which ever comes first. But I do know that my IE since it's conception has always done this.

10-14-03, 01:10 PM
I believe the images are kept in IE's cache. You could make it bigger and see if they stay around longer.

10-14-03, 01:13 PM
They are all stored in the cache, so they will disappear eventually. What I do, is I save the icons to a folder if I want to keep them.

You can find them by typing favicon.ico after the URL and then saving them.

For example, to save DVDTalk's, go to:

Save it to a folder on your harddrive (maybe as dvdtalk.ico). Then in your favorites folder, right click on the link you want to add the icon to and select Properties -> Change Icon -> Browse to the folder where you saved the icon.

10-14-03, 02:34 PM
Thanks Blake! I know the icons aren't a big deal or anything, but it just got annoying when they went away.

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