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10-12-03, 03:03 AM
Hi guys. I was playing my game on my laptop the other day. Before I finished I remembered hearing a louder thatn normal spinning or fan sound. I thought nothing of it. Later i went and started up my game from the programs list on the desktop. I was about to start game when a window popped up asking me to insert cd into the drive. THe cd was already in. So i ejected the cd tray with the cd in it and closed it. Still it wont read the disc. I decided to go to My Computer/D: and attempt to explore the cd. Nothing in drive D: . So i tried putting in other games and even a Windows CD and try to access files, nothing. I hear the disc not spinning but making 3 faint clicks then nothing. From the sound the disc is not spinning but the arm with the laser eye is miving. Getting frustrated I decided to insert a dvd in the drive. I opened my dvd player program and the drive started spinning and the disc was played.
So far i ended many programs, I took out the drive from the laptop/hub and pugged it back in. Still wont read data from discs. What could it be? I cant even re boot the Winows XP disc cause the drive wont read or play it. PLease help . thanks.

12-08-03, 01:23 AM

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