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10-11-03, 12:06 AM
Question...I had a lot of media on the HD, and I transferred it to my external HD, when I highlight all the folders on C and check the properties, it tells me I have 15 gigs total...but right clicking on drive C and going to properties tells me the size used before I moved the files - around 37 gigs. any clue about this? win xp, fast laptop. thanks!

10-11-03, 11:29 PM
How big is the space used by the recycle bin?

10-12-03, 06:32 PM
ok...that fixed some of the problem. i'm still getting adjusted to this Norton Protected Recycle Bin. But now, when I highlight my folders, it says that I have 14.3 GB used, which would lead to 25.7 GB free. Instead, I have 18.8 GB free, which would mean I have 22 GB used. This can't be due to, like, the discrepancy with HD/Gig space, can it? That's way too big.

Let me explain what has been happening. I move files off C onto the external, and the move is not recognize within drive C. i tried moving files from the external to drive C, and saw that the free GB went down. then, when I moved the file BACK to the external, the free GB did NOT go up. do you see what i'm saying? just kinda irks me. This is better than what it was, but I'm still trying to find where those gigabytes went.

thanks for your help al_bundy, and any more help you or anyone else has to offer. i really don't want to have to call dell...

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