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10-05-03, 05:30 PM
I just say at best buy(bestbuy.com) that the new Josh Groban album, will include the regular CD version , but will also contain a "Special Edition" version at a price of $27.99, which I believe will be a 2 disc set, with a disc of materials including Interviews, behind the scenes fiootage, interviews with Josh Groban(The singer), David Foster(Producer), John Williams(Conductor) and Seth Riggs(Voice Coach). The "Special Edition" is also suppose to have some "interesting materials" as reported on a Josh Groban website.
Just thought I'd pass this along

10-05-03, 09:51 PM
I'm surprised that he thinks he can justify charging twice the price for a bonus disc when most bands give that away with free with the first pressing of a disc nowadays.

10-06-03, 06:55 PM
If you don't want it..don't buy it. There is the regular version, and you should be able to get that for around $12.99. That album will contain 13 tracks. Now, if your a big fan of his(like myself) you can upgrade to the "Special Edition" version, which will be an additional 2 tracks, along with a Bonus DVD of over 2 hours of interviews, backstage footage, music videos, and a whole lot more You'll probably be able to get it for around $22.99 someplace. I think its well worth the price True artists(and they are a dying breed) need to be supported. It's well worth your money to go with the "Special Edition"(especially since it come out thesame day)

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