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09-09-03, 11:54 PM
Can we do something to stop this sort of thing?

1. Posting your entire 'for trade' list in a reply to someone else's thread. I'm sick of seeing people reply to threads, saying, "you want one of these?" and essentially reposting their own thread. It's not that it clutters - which it does - but if I'm searching for people who want 'Desperado Superbit', I don't want to find ____'s trade list 400 times, in their own thread and everyone else's.

2. People with more than one thread open. Some people will, instead of editing their trade list, or deleting the one they have and starting a new one, will simply repost their trade list and their previous one will float about in limbo, never deleted. I've done searches where I find exactly what I'm looking to trade for, only to met with the fact that the list is months old and that their NEW list is at www.dvdtalk.com/______.

Can people not post their entire lists in other people's threads, and once threads are finished can they be deleted? Thanks.

Static Cling
09-10-03, 12:41 AM
People should be either only having one thread in DVD Exchange or closing/deleting old threads after they're done with them. But as you can see, not everyone does what they should.

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