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08-05-03, 08:07 AM
Back to a more "normal" story this week. This bonus season has a serious lack of Bruce though!

Although I enjoyed the storyline more this week, it was rather predictable. It wasn't too hard to figure out the ranger would be a part of the plot and it was even easier to figure out the $2mil prize would result in something now worthless.

08-05-03, 02:51 PM
Originally posted by Chew
it was rather predictable.

Predictable: That was the bottom line for the show this week while I still enjoy it the show is getting very predictable. hopefully the new full season will have a bit better writing.

08-06-03, 09:03 AM
Was the park ranger Cyril from Oz?

08-06-03, 11:59 AM
I've TIVO-ed this but haven't been able to watch yet!

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