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07-31-03, 01:13 AM

My Stupid Story:
In all the weird things to happen the last few months, I saw a copy of 301/302 for rent at blockbuster and picked it up on Saturday. Fond of the flick and one I'd kind of like to own. For a movie that I'd never heard of that was released years and years ago, I find it really damn strange that 1 day before I rented it - it came out on DVD in korea (or is it HK?) either or, pretty strange.
End Stupid Story

Anyway, anyone seen this DVD of it (Released 7/25/03):

WARNING: There are some spoilers in YesAsia.com's description...


Curious about the quality.

Also, sorry if this is a repost, it's so hard searching for 3 digit numbers on here.

07-31-03, 02:06 AM
I read the synopsis...is this movie good?

07-31-03, 11:52 AM
I thought it was pretty good, it's moody and entertaining though I can definitly say it isn't for everyone.

This is my synopsis, it is basically the same as that one but 'eh.

Basically it just focuses on the the relationship between the two women, one of which can't eat, doesn't have sex, yet writes sex columns for magazines, the other is a chef who needs approval of her food to qualify her own existance, and is a sex hound who recently got divorced. The basic story is how they got to be who they are (Why can't she eat and have sex, and why the other woman is fat, obnoxious, and why they're both depressed) and their relationship with one another, it's kind of a gross movie, but on the bright side - pretty unique.

07-31-03, 06:36 PM
Thanks Rich...it sure sounds interesting...I might go ahead and pick it up next time I place an order at yesasia....

08-01-03, 07:58 PM
The video format of this DVD is listed as 4:3. Does anyone know what the OAR for this film is?

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