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07-23-03, 04:24 AM
Has anyone heard anything new about COTC 8?

07-23-03, 04:47 AM
8!?!?! I thought they were on like 3 or 4...

Steve Phillips
07-23-03, 12:39 PM
No, there are 7 of these things in the video stores already! I'm sure the word is eagerly awaiting more.

07-23-03, 12:52 PM
Here's what Bloody Disgusting has to say...



Bloody Disgusting reports that a "Children of the Corn 8" (yep 8) is sounding quite promising. Writer Joe Harris - via - says "I'm involved with the new Children of the Corn sequel (for Dimension), but I'm keeping the exact details under wraps for a little bit. I've got a lot of new projects up and running since Darkness Falls opened", he says. "I'm going to make a dedicated, valliant attempt [to save the series]". He adds, "Rest assured, the spirit of the first film and the original King story will be there. I want to make scary movies. The kind we don't see anymore". And there's talk of a Darkness Falls 2 apparently. "There's been talk of a Darkness Falls sequel... but not with me. I've got bigger, cooler franchises to establish now".


I guess there's no franchise bigger or cooler than... Children of the Corn! :D

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