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06-07-03, 09:34 PM
So last night I stopped by Cinefile in Santa Monica, CA. They had a copy of Kiyoshi Kurosawa's Cure for rental with an option to purchase. I decided to ask how much it would be to buy it.

Turns out it would be 200 dollars... apparently it takes them a while to get Japanese imports.

Still, why so much? Is this out of print? If not, where can I find it online and if so, is there any news of a rerelease in any region?

06-09-03, 03:45 AM
still nothin on this? i guess i should go with the bootleg on ebay, huh?

06-09-03, 10:05 AM
You can buy this title for 49 + shipping at cdjapan.co.jp :


$200 is outrageous. Don't know of any other region release of this at the moment.

06-09-03, 02:00 PM
French R2, in Japanese with French subs only:


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