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05-12-03, 01:15 PM
I wanted to start a separate thread on SFU to discuss the final two episodes. If its even possible to download the show and watch them in advance please do not discuss it here. I know a lot of people get upset when people talk about the preview for the upcoming week but I think this weeks preview may vindicate the Nate is still on the table/Dallas scenario crowd.

IF you don't want to hear about previews stop reading here please.

I for one have believed the season to be a dream since the first episode was never really explained. The early episodes had a lot of out of character moments. I find it difficult to believe that all the significant relationships in the Fisher family would end at the same time and there have been a lot of things that didn't quite add up for the season.

That said I'm going to be pretty upset if the whole season is a dream on the operating table. There has been so much character development for Claire, Fredrico and Ruth this year, the rest of the cast was fairly well fleshed out in past seasons, but I think its a step back for the show to go in that direction. Thoughts on whatís going to happen?

My prediction is episode 13 begins Nate Fisher 1957-2003 and where it ends I canít guess.

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