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View Full Version : Nintendo GameCube Modem Adapter $14.98

04-23-03, 11:11 AM
Check ur local Best Buy Store "Clearance Desk""

Nintendo GameCube Modem Adapter $14.98 (Clearance Price)

Nintendo GameCube Mobile Battery Charge $9.99

Few's Xbox Control for $6.99

& Few's PS2 Accessories/ GBA Accessories

Static Cling
04-23-03, 11:24 AM
A Clearance Desk at Best Buy? I've never seen such a thing. Elaborate?

04-23-03, 11:26 AM
He might mean the tables they set up with "deals", which are located between the games and dvds at my local BB.

04-23-03, 02:18 PM
my bb has a clearance isle.

04-23-03, 02:32 PM
Sometimes the clearance isle is hidden in the back somewhere. Thats where one of my BBs has it setup. Though its not really an isle for me, its more like a little corner full of stuff like CD cleaners.

04-24-03, 12:02 AM
i wonder if it's on the broadband adaptor too, it'd be a good time to stock up on them for mario kart lan play :D

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