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04-13-03, 04:01 AM
I did a search about this, but came up with very little related to David Lynch's website. I thought I'd give the site a 30 day trial to see if there is anything interesting in it. Is anyone else a member, past or present? Also, I know there must be some interesting hidden stuff in the phone area, but I'm lost in there. Please discuss the site!

04-13-03, 12:24 PM
I used to be a member, the only reason I'm not now is because I have so little cash to my name that I couldn't even afford $9.95 a month to pay for the membership. It's a great site, you get access to David Lynch via the chat room, you get members only shows and footage, you can email Lynch questions which he answers on video, and there's tons of stuff on there that I haven't even seen. The phone booth stuff comes from various Lynch related items, you have to find the phone numbers for the right booths. If you like David Lynch, give it a try.

William Fuld
04-13-03, 02:53 PM
Be sure to check out Rabbits in the Original Series section, Out Yonder and Pierre and Sonny Jim in the Experiments section, and by solving the puzzle in the "?" section you'll find the short film "Darkend Room".

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