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04-11-03, 02:53 AM
Dolph Lundgren fans unite!

Considered the poor man's Schwarzenegger, I was a fan of the Dolph Lundgren films of the late 80's and early 90's. Many people revile him as maker of bombs. But I thought he rocked! Anyone else think so? Please post here.


holy cow, the guy was a fullbright scholar to MIT. Amazing.

imdb link (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0099817)

04-11-03, 02:58 AM
i think he's still making movies even today, direct to video ones sure, but good fun nonetheless

i thought he was the ultimate baddie in rocky 4, and i thought he was great in universal soldier...it's a shame he kind of has faded into the back while crap like steven seagal is still around, it should be the other way around

04-11-03, 03:35 AM
come to think of it, i might like lundgren more than seagal. though i've never seen the early seagal movies, when he was at his prime. though i think i'll probably like lundgren more in the end. seagal is a different kind of action star. the cool one. lundgren is more the testeroney type. :D

wouldn't it be kewl if they make a movie based on the McBain character in Simpsons. :D

Pleased to meet you.... Cortezzzz.... Bang! Bang! Pow! Boom!

04-11-03, 07:07 AM
I've only seen one Lundgren film: "I Come In Peace" (aka "Dark Angel") which is mentioned in the first post, and only because my friend tried to convince me it was good. Well, I thought it was sh*t.

04-11-03, 07:44 AM
Lundgren was the definitive Punisher..


04-11-03, 08:42 AM
Lundgren was not what was totally wrong with Punisher, he was actually quite good, I remember going nuts when I saw the trailer for it in theatres, him just crashing through the skylight and shoting that machine gun and then the logo came up, a very cool trailer. I remember him acting very good in Universal Soldier and I come in Peace had some great action and explosions too.

04-11-03, 10:35 AM
...but you go in pieces. Hahaha!

Sadly, this movie marked the highpoint of Brian "Martin Tupper" Benben's cinematic career.

04-11-03, 12:15 PM
Wasn't he also He-Man?

04-11-03, 12:22 PM
Masters of the Universe. Instant classic. ;)

He's ok in the Jean-Claude vein. Second class action flicks. But, he's more enjoyable than others.

I remember catching Army of One (or something) on HBO years ago. There was some smoking hot chick in it. I believe that's the only redeeming quality, however.

04-11-03, 01:52 PM
He was awesome in Rocky IV... "I must break you"

When I heard they were making StreetFighter the movie, I was like damn, of course Lundgren was the only logical pick to play Guile. Then they pick up JCvD. Now I like van Damme, but he's no guile. man after that i just couldnt enjoy the movie after that casting let down.

04-11-03, 02:51 PM
"Officially announced his retirement from acting to spend more time with his family. [April 19, 2002]"


04-11-03, 03:53 PM
Showdown in Little Tokyo was easily his best movie. Man that was fun.

04-11-03, 04:11 PM
"I'm All Ears!" - Universal Soldier :D

04-11-03, 05:27 PM
I like Lundgren, but let's be honest -- he's a pretty poor actor, especially when he tried to be Ah-nuld in Universal Soldier. And his string of straight-to-video action flicks post-Johnny Nmenomic (his best performance) rivals Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Michael Dudikoff.

If it means anything, Stallone talked about bringing Drago back for Rocky VI and Lundgren said he'd do it.

04-11-03, 11:37 PM
Did someone mention my name?

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