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Mr Orange
04-09-03, 12:12 PM
If you go to http://www.bywgame.com and register they will mail you a free Backyard Wrestling DVD. Not sure if this dvd will be about the game comming out or a regular backyard wrestling dvd (or maybe a combo of both) but if I had to bet on it it will in some fashion be about the game. I figured best to put it in this forum since its from the game people. Its free so the worst that will happen is you throw it away. Says they ship the dvd in may.

04-09-03, 01:32 PM
Tried it out, thanks.

04-09-03, 03:41 PM

04-11-03, 12:24 AM
Just signed up...thanks!

Da Thrilla
04-13-03, 07:45 PM

04-13-03, 08:03 PM
the link didnt work

Mr Orange
04-13-03, 09:51 PM
still works for me... I guess try again.

04-13-03, 10:29 PM
Just signed up, thanks!

04-13-03, 11:11 PM
Damn, looks like I wont be getting one since I live in Canada

04-14-03, 05:57 PM
i signed up today it worked yay

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