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03-12-03, 08:48 PM
I bought my brother a new Philips DVDQ50AT progressive-scan DVD player for his birthday. I keep hearing people talking about downloading new firmware upgrades, creating a CD, and upgrading the DVD's firmware through using flash.

Anyone done this and are there any dangers to this? I mean, if I don't do it absolutely correctly, will it kill his DVD player? I've got the latest firmware upgrade and burned the CD image. I'm just a wee bit nervous about doing it since I haven't done this before. Not to mention it's a brand new player.

03-12-03, 09:09 PM
If you turn it into a door stop, just return it...

Frank S
03-12-03, 11:17 PM
I've done it twice with two upgrade versions on my Panasonic RP-91 with no troubles at all, but I can't say your DVD player's update CD will run as smooth as mine did. I've also done it to my Sony DA5ES (high end ES surround receiver) with no problems at all. You always are taking a chance when doing the updates but in the vast majority of cases it will go through flawlessly. Just be sure to that the CD image you have is indeed the correct update.

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