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02-12-03, 12:27 AM
Hey all,

i was just wondering if anyone has this title from Taiwan. I'd love to pick it up but was just wondering if it:

1) wasn't a flipper
2) can be found easily. I can't find any sites that sell the Taiwan version with DTS.

Thanks :)

02-14-03, 03:44 AM
It's dual-layer, anamorphic, and has half-bit DTS and PCM tracks. Don't know where you'd get it on the internet though. The video seemed kind of dark to me, though I don't have it here with me to check. It's available in Taiwan for $NT 199, which is about $5 US.

02-14-03, 09:59 AM

don't TELL me that! :)

How the hell can you order this???

02-14-03, 09:25 PM
Found a copy...

but it's WAY more than $NT199.

it's NT708.

I'm thinking of getting it...grrrrr...

04-04-03, 02:09 PM
This is out of print...:(

And i already sold my R1 version too...

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