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02-11-03, 05:42 PM
Does anyone have the specs on the the new SE of Texas Chainsaw that's coming out March 10th? The cover art sure looks cool.

02-11-03, 05:44 PM
... Hope it's not just the R4 SE dvd being made into a R2 disc. I'd be nice if there was a good anamorphic transfer of this.

Deke Rivers
02-12-03, 08:11 AM
and what is wrong with the region 1 version?

02-12-03, 08:49 AM
Of course, there is nothing wrong with the Region 1 version. It's just that when one of your absolute favorite movies gets a different treatment on DVD, the collector in you wants to know exactly what is different so that you may add it to your collection.

02-12-03, 03:47 PM
The Region 2 TCM SE has "The Shocking Truth" documentary on the second disc.

02-12-03, 04:21 PM
I guess it's just like the Austrailian version then. I have the Shocking Truth on the stand alone release from Exploited.

02-12-03, 06:15 PM
Actually there is something wrong with the R1 version. Namely, the transfer is actually worse than the Elite laserdisc, even though Pioneer used Elite's materials. Apparently the DVD transfer uses a master that was made prior to some further color correction and digital restoration made by Elite for their laser. The differences are pretty noticeable.

Deke Rivers
02-13-03, 09:19 AM
well I never owned LD's but i can say after having seen Chainsaw when it first came out in the theater as well as when it was re-released and after owning the beta and VHS copies of it I think the DVD is the best it has ever looked..the film it was originally shot on wasnt all that great to begin with..I think the DVD is awesome with plenty of extras considering what type movie it is

02-13-03, 05:27 PM
Well yeah, it looks better than the ratty 16mm prints that everyone is used to seeing, but it looks much worse than the laser...and it didn't have to. Synapse president Don May Jr. has given the full story of what happened on various web boards (mhvf.net is probably where I read all this), and basically Pioneer screwed up when they went to transfer Elite's restoration. May put in a lot of work with Tobe Hooper on the restoration and Pioneer ended up using an unfinished master.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be happy with your DVD, but when somebody finally goes back and remasters a new DVD from Elite's restoration then you're going to be pretty surprised at the difference. Like Hooper said when the laser was released: "The last time this film looked this good, I was looking through my viewfinder."

02-14-03, 02:09 AM
i fear another verbose reply rather....

uncle gunnarface (his portrait atop my desk with his scrawl above the fridge that was to be terri mcminn's final cinematic resting place) himself has said that absolutely no transfer of the film can possibly compare to "ratty 16mm prints" being projected 1.85 across ANYTHING big as hell and white enogh to show balance. and, having seen twice now the visceral pleasure of a projected 35mm blowup print (i think from the new line cinema re-release), as well as a pathetic excuse for a 16mm rental, i gotta say man....projected so that unkie gee is right in your face bigger than a texas crap, or even so far away even sallye can get away (yeah yeah we all know she had the legs of that dead armadillo at the opening, but sweet christ was she sweet!), and he's STILL BIGGER THAN YOU ARE!!! THAT my friends is why no matter WHAT re-release they give you, no matter HOW MANY minute milliseconds longer thislatesteditionwithitsbrandnewco..........

aren't we suckers?

man...how much better can it be when you are in your own living room, surrounded by loved ones or at leased ones we hope we're gonna (deleted) when in order for you to be properly affected (or disassociated or discombobulated) you gotta get offa your couch, go into a voyeur dorm of the public masses, and be absolutely terrorised by a big (deleted) with a goddahum (oops, the censors were sleeping. like babies. or rats) CHAINSAW!!! can YOU be scared of a dude with a chainsaw who is slightly larger than the angel atop your christian tree every year?
i don't care how big, how expensive, how freakin fantabulous that remastered 5.1 of a mono freakin source (there goes my teacher from daria eye again) home theaters get.
being there...surrounded by strangers in a dark place...the tension broken occasionally by missing frames or sneezes or screams....
thats how you experience fear.
ever try to explain to someone why the last 8 minutes of "blair witch" was scary when the only time they got to see it was at your house? or theirs? you know, those friends you have who're blockbuster hangers-on?
when you saw it in the theater and crapped your choice van husens and almost feel ashamed now, as if you sucked on the joe millionaire tailpipe and still had to go run a company in the morning?

its just a ride folks...
me? i want the print they used in "summer school". and i want mark harmon and that bitch from "ally" to sign the cans...

now if only i could sync up the 5.1 mix with it....

oh yeah...anyone think its about time we had some nice soundtrack action with this film?? at least rip some of it and give us a freakin' bone..i mean, shoot, guys...they have a cannibal ferox/zombie disc...they have freakin day of the dead's carribean shiters on audio....at least saw had some unique moments...hate to keep brinin' up the witch (that canHolo corpse beatin' whore!) but there's even a track on that disc that has the wind and clangs and poo and its 5 mins+!!!
do i type too much?

Deke Rivers
02-14-03, 10:26 AM

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