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Joe Molotov
02-06-03, 12:01 AM
I really don't know what better word to use to describe it, but basically the bottom and top boundaries of the frame just kind of move up and down slightly all the time, even on menus. It's not terribly distracting because usually I'm looking right at the middle of the screen, but it's does kinda have me worried. I'm using the JVC XV-S500 which I didn't think was supposed to have any problems doing PAL -> NTSC. Is this a problem with this player, the disc, or is this just the way it's supposed to look? I don't have any other PAL discs to test out on it except for El Topo, but it's full screen. Anyone have any answers?

02-06-03, 12:39 AM
Well it's a common problem with the Metamatics chip which is also in the Malata's... I don't have the Killer HKL disc, but on all of my PAL discs I get a slight shimmer and unless I change the VIDEO FILTER to STILL, the shimmer will stay. However, I'm using a non-progressive Sony Wega and some discs the STILL setting will cause massive COMBING. So some discs there isn't any way to get rid of the shimmering.

I think there are some Video Filter type settings on the JVC's. Can somebody chime in? Also are you using a Progressive or Non-Progressive display?

Also anybody who has THE KILLER and uses a Malata n996 with a Non-Progressive display, does the STILL setting eliminate the Shimmer? If it does I'll probably pick it up!

axolotls return
02-06-03, 12:59 AM
Smart or Still but sometimes neither will get rid of all annoyance on a non-progressive NTSC TV using Malata/JVC.

Still might get rid of the upper and lower register movement, but then it might encourage the combing effect.

Smart filter might eliminate the combing effect but encourage the upper line/lower line movement.

I think the JVC only has two filters on it... while the Malata 996 has five.

The deleted/extended scenes look horrible under any filter condition.

Bleddyn Williams
02-06-03, 09:27 AM
I've had a Malata 996 for a fair while, originally with a non-progressive 4:3 TV.

I got a 16:9 RPTV a while back, and so am now using my Malata in progressive mode.

There is a BIG difference - combing and shimmering artifacts are greatly reduced in this mode. I used to default to the STILL filter for all PAL becuase of shimmering, but now a lot of the time you don't even need to change from smart - shimmering is minimized, and sometimes not noticable at all.

With video-coded PAL(as opposed to film-coded), you had to choose between combing or shimmering, but now those issues are almost moot.

I was surprised at the performance boost I got by the trade up to progressive.

Joe Molotov
02-06-03, 09:49 AM
Umm...any ideas on how I might be able to turn on these video filters on my JVC? I messed around with it last night for about half an hour but I couldn't find anything like that, and I don't have my instruction manual here with me.

02-06-03, 10:59 AM
So Axolotl do you have The Killer HKL, a Non-Prog display and a 996? If so can you get rid of the shimmering on the HKL The Killer disc by using still or does it start combing???

02-08-03, 05:41 PM
the filters on the jvc s500 (i have one) are labelled "film", "video", and "auto" under the progressive mode heading in the "choice menu". "auto" doesn't always pick the best one. "film" usually eliminates the effect you're experiencing.

again, it's --> choice menu > video options > progressive mode > film, video, auto

02-09-03, 10:59 AM
Originally posted by Heliosphann
So Axolotl do you have The Killer HKL, a Non-Prog display and a 996? If so can you get rid of the shimmering on the HKL The Killer disc by using still or does it start combing???

I have the malata996 and the HKL killer, and someone around here actually helped me fix that shimmy/shifting problem with most of the HKL dvd's yes it did fix it changing the filter, but then you get a little bit of combing. I'll check it out again tonight, and let you know....

02-09-03, 07:24 PM
I also have the Malata N 996 and HKL DVD's are tricky sometimes.

For the Killer I use the DAC Progressive with the Smart filter, no combing or shimmering with that on my set. I have a HDTV Samsung widescreen.

But for other HKL DVD's like Police Stroy 1 & 2 and Project A 1 & 2 I use the DAC Progressive & Still filter and that takes care of the problem with them.

Actually of the HKL DVD's that I own which is about 10 or so the Killer is the only one that works with the Smart filter.... go figure. Something just seems off with that DVD not sure what it is though...

Hope that helps.....

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