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01-18-03, 07:08 AM
I want to add a new hard drive to my pc, but am wondering if I can have three hard drives in my computer. Not sure if this matters but I have a abit kt7a motherboard. Right now I have a 20 gig that has my operating system on it (xp pro) and a 60 gig that is used to hold all my other stuff.

Is it possible to do this, or will I be better off just removing the 20, and reinstalling xp on the new drive? I would hate to do this because I have added alot of cool stuff that makes my pc look diffrent from most others, but if I have to oh well.

01-18-03, 09:55 AM
You are able to connect up to two IDE devices to each of the connectors on your motherboard, thus typically allowing a mix of four IDE hard drives/CD-ROM(etc) drives.

The particular motherboard you've got, the Abit KT7A, is a RAID motherboard. So, you've actually got FOUR IDE connectors, instead of two. You can stripe data (RAID 0) or mirror data (RAID 1) [or combine both!:D] on an even number of drives added to the RAID controller.

Of course, this is just what the board itself is capable of...you could always add a PCI IDE or SCSI card, and put more drives in that way!

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