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View Full Version : Is there a way to force the drive letters around in Win98SE?

01-01-03, 09:53 PM
I switched motherboards in my wife's machine today, got everything running again just fine except that the drive letters for my hard drive partitions have been switched around. Previously the D: drive was the CD-ROM and the two other partitions were E and F...now they are D and E and the CD is F. And I had all of her games on the second partition...some of the games I can make new shortcuts for but some are causing some real headaches - they don't want to uninstall/reinstall because of the broken link.

Seemed like I had some trouble finding a TweakUI that would work with 98SE a while back, don't know if Tweak UI might force a change like that or not. The drive letter assignments in Device Manager are C,D,E for the three partitions and I can't see any way of changing it. Oddly, I also installed some new nVidia drivers in that computer and the drives switched back to where they had been, until I rebooted again and now everything is messed up again.

Grrr I really want to install Windows 2000 on that computer but she has some older software that won't work with 2000.

01-01-03, 10:40 PM
As far as Tweak UI goes, it should be found on your Win98 CD if I remember correctly. You can also download it from the Microsoft webpage I believe. Not sure what else to say about rearranging drive letters without reinstalling of course :)

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