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12-23-02, 11:11 PM
System w/box, manual, power cord, VCR hook up, and controller
1 Barracuda controller (rapid fire)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy*
Twisted Metal*
Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver*

*all games are original with case and manual

N64 system w/box, 1 controller, power adapter, VCR hook up
1 Red controller still in box
1 cable tv hook up w/box
Prefect Dark w/box*
Super Mario 64 w/box and manual
Gameshark 3.3 w/box and manual
Zelda w/ manual and strategy guide
Turok Rage wars*
Rumble Pack
Expansion pack

*david is written on side of game

Giants Citizen Kabuto
Grand Theft Auto 3 guide
FFX guide
Thunderstrike Operation Pheonix

Handheld GameBoy works 100% fine. Not missing back battery cover. Clips on perfectly.

Dungeon Keeper 1+2 game pack complete
Spec Ops 2 U.S. Army Green Berets complete
Rage of Mages 1 complete
Rage of Mages 2 complete - never played
Commandos Ammo Pack complete
Trespasser complete
Carnivores 1 cd and manual - no box
Carnivores 2 cd and manual - no box

complete means it has the box, manual, and anything else that came with the game when bought.

EVERYTHING listed works 100% fine. All games, controllers, and cables and in great condition.

What I want

GameBoy Pocket (new and sealed)

Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Red
Pokemon Blue
Warcraft 3 (new and sealed)
Grand Theft Auto
Grand Theft Auto Vice City (new and sealed)
Conflict Desert Storm (new and sealed)
Nintendo games (the 8-bit system)

[email protected] I do have paypal and will not charge any ship costs. I will sell most of my PC games for cheap.

Luis C. Ortiz
12-24-02, 05:45 AM
Any interest in Onimusha 1 & 2 or Defender for Thunderstrike & Giant Citizen Kabuto? PLMK, thanks!


12-24-02, 11:58 AM
I have all five of those already, no thanks

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