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12-03-02, 09:16 AM
France mk2 will release the following Alain Resnais films on dvd next month:

Coffret Alain Resnais 5 DVD : L'Amour à mort / I Want to go Home / Mélo / Mon oncle d'Amérique / La Vie est un roman

It seems it is with Eng sub.

Hopefully Hiroshima, mon Amour and Muriel will be on dvd with eng subs soon. I only know the former has a Jap release.

12-03-02, 10:30 AM
very cool, where did you get the information? amazon.fr didn't have subs listed but I checked cinestore and they have all the films listed individually with subs.

12-03-02, 11:52 AM
"...where did you get the information?..."

...right <a href="http://www.mk2.com/new/home/home.asp">here</a>...

. . . :o . . .

12-04-02, 03:13 AM
Great news!! :thumbsup:

and now they're available for pre-order at amazon.fr too

but how I miss Hiroshima mon amour: it's one my favourite films ever!!

<A HREF="http://www.dvdprofiler.com/mycollection.asp?alias=mdm67">mdm67</A>

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