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12-02-02, 11:19 AM
Maybe this is more of a rant, but Iíll try to make it a reasonable question.

A few weeks ago I investigated a pop-under for yourfreedvd.com (or something like that). I should have known better than to enter my email address at the first page, but there it is. The site offered maybe a dozen different ways to get free DVDs, such as a long distance plan.

Since then, Iíve received spam from them on a daily basis. In addition, Iíve found myself getting spam from places I havenít seen it from before. Up until then I was fairly spam free. (No, REALLY!) All the spam has an Austin, TX address.

Iím just wondering if there is any check on the intent of advertisers. Iím looking at this and realizing that itís probably a stupid concept, but maybe Iím not the only one to be bit by this scam.

12-02-02, 12:34 PM
Some of the pop-unders on the site come from an ad network. It's thier job to make sure the ads that run are good and legit. I'll follow up with them about yourfreedvds and make sure the ads isn't running

12-02-02, 02:45 PM
Thanks, Geoff.

Iím not sure what you mean by ďlegit.Ē Iím pretty sure that I would have gotten my free DVD(s) if I had switched to Sprint (or whatever), if thatís what youíre talking about.

My complaint is their collecting my email addy to fuel their own spam machine. (Interesting idea, when you think about it.)

BTW, havenít seen one of their pops in over a week. I guess they got what they wanted and left?

12-02-02, 08:08 PM
I actually checked and didn't even see them listed as an advertiser in the network. So I wonder if the popunder came on this site on not

12-02-02, 09:13 PM
that's why I never follow ads

12-02-02, 09:55 PM
Well, thanks for checking.

02-11-03, 01:45 PM
How about the one from http://visit.referralware.com/2/FreeOffer.jsp? Looks mighty fishy to me. It definately came from DVDTalk.

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