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11-21-02, 06:23 PM
I'm trying to get rid of the Gamecube so I can focus on the more superior XBOX thus I'll give all the Nintendo Loyalist (and I know there's alot of you :)) a chance to get these AAA Titles at Bargain
Basement Prices if You didn't have the Chance to yet.
All My Gamecube Games come Complete and are in Pristine Shape,
Prices includes 1st Class Shipping as well.

<u>My Gamecube List:</u>
<s>Waverace Bluestorm $20</s><b> Goners/Sold!!</b>
<s>Star Wars Rogue Squadron $22</s><b> Goners/Sold!!</b>
<s>NCAA Football 2K3 $22</s><b> Goners/Traded!!</b>
NCAA Football 2003* $25
<s>Resident Evil $25</s><b> Goners/Sold!!</b>
<s>Eternal Darkness $25</s> <b> Goners/Sold!!</b>

<u>My XBOX Wants:</u>
Conflict: Desert Storm
Hitman 2
Dead to Rights
NCAA Football 2K3
NCAA Football 2003*
NBA 2k3 (I wanna play as YAO!)
and many more....

*I'll also throw in a Memory Card 251 if you would like to swap
Your XBOX Version for My Gamecube Version of NCAA 2003.

So Fire Away Folks!!I'm a Gold Trader on the List--So Don't you Feel LEERY. :)

11-21-02, 08:48 PM
Wave Race, Star Wars, Resident Evil, and Eternal Darkness for $85? (you'll save on shipping)

11-22-02, 12:15 AM
Email sent...wallsofwatts

11-30-02, 11:17 PM
Do you still have Eternal Darkness? Are you interested in trading for DVDs?


11-30-02, 11:20 PM

Do you still have Waverace Bluestorm and Resident Evil?

12-01-02, 07:09 PM
Knockout Kings 2002 (xbox) for Rogue Squadron?

12-02-02, 12:22 AM
I Only have 2003 NCAA Football left folks! -sorry-

12-18-02, 01:06 PM
I have lots of DVD's to trade for the NCAA football. I don't own any XBOX. Let me know if you have any genres or titles and I can provide a list via email to you.


12-19-02, 04:41 PM
i would like ncaa, ill give you 20 for it shipped.

drop me a email at [email protected]

12-19-02, 07:21 PM
ncaa 2003 is Gandhis,I ebayed it for $33 bucks.

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