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View Full Version : Anyone have the skivvy on Blues Bros R3?

11-19-02, 01:57 PM
I found Blues Brothers CE on CD-Wow for $10.95 and it appears to have all the goodies of the R1 version, at half the price:


The only problem is, it is listed as R3, and I can't find a review of the R3 version at my usual stops:



Anyone have any clue if this is worth grabbing? It sure seems like it!

11-25-02, 03:49 PM
Hey, just a heads up. I received my Blues Brothers CE today and it is everything it is supposed to be. It has the documentary, trailer and 18 minutes of added footage. It is Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1 DD 5.1. Use the link for a dollar off with MC:


For $11, this is a steal!

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