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11-11-02, 09:25 PM
Extra Tix for Peter Gabriel Chicago 11/12

Hi Guys,
I'm really in a bind. I ended up with an extra pair of Peter Gabriel Tickets for tomorrow. There are Section 6, row 4 which are amazing seats since the concert is "in the round." I am trying to dump them at face value but have had no luck. Anyone want them? The face are 131.00 (I know, really pricy) and I have a pair. Obviously, I could negotiate but I really can't afford to. Any takers? Please??


11-12-02, 07:09 AM
^Bump for the morning crew. Concert is today.
You can call me also

630 730 6124 Cell.
773 227 8729 Home.


Geoff H
11-15-02, 12:45 PM
So... did you manage to sell them?

11-15-02, 05:58 PM
Nada. Sold 1. gave the other to a friend. It was a pretty good show. We ended up being about 15 feet from Gabriel himself. It is a very amazing feeling to have the man make eye contact with you.


11-15-02, 07:49 PM
I am sad to say that even with all my anticipation, PG priced me out of his market with his $100+ tickets. Screw the greedy promoters and if PG approved of these price schemes, shame on him.

However, I love the new album and hope he does a second leg of the tour--maybe something smaller scale and cheaper. That might be even better, because the initial 'kinks' of the show will have been worked out.

I hear that many people stayed away from the Growing Up tour and that it's not selling well; disillusionment about these prices, in combination with his long absence from "the scene." Personally, I don't care about that, but it pained me to pass up the show. :(

11-15-02, 08:10 PM
I'm with you, Jepthah. Not only have I been a huge Gabriel fan for 20 years, but I also had very close friends who were going to be there on Thursday night and desperately wanted me to come to the show. Despite that, I just cannot justify $130 a seat for ANYTHING. These concert ticket prices are out of control and the consumer has to be the one to say "enough".

Compare this show with the one I went to a week ago. Midge Ure at the Abbey Pub in Chicago. Midge Ure (http://www.midgeure.com) is my second all-time favorite musical artist (former lead singer of Ultravox, co-founder of Live-Aid, co-writer of "Do They Know It's Christmas, fantastic solo artist). The price of tickets for his appearance - $15!! Not only was it a small, intimate show, but my wife and I actually had a conversation with him during the show, he complimented my singing(!), and I got to drink his Guinness, which he never touched. :) Now that's what I call getting your money's worth.

11-15-02, 10:17 PM
Someone is really enjoying editing this thread title :)

I thought the show was pretty good. Critics are slamming it because it wasn't a total nostalgia factory, instead focusing on new songs. I personally applaud Gabriel's decision to not turn this into a nostalgia tour. i think his music is brilliant and people should really be exposed to his newer stuff.

On the note of the $100+ tickets, I agree. its way too much. U2 was the same way, and I'm sure this will continue to be the trend. Fortunately, there are very few concerts that I will drop that kind of money for. One of the factors would have to be seat location. In a 130.00 price tier, I better be able to see the sweat dripping off the guy's face and be able to count his pores :)

Concerts where tic are $130+ and seats are good that I would go to:

1. peter gabriel
2. Billy Joel
3. Tori Amos
4. u2

Concerts where money is no object:

1. Genesis reunion with Phil Collins
2. Genesis reunion with Phil Collins and peter Gabriel
3. Pink Floyd - any combination of members
4. Led Zepellin- reunion of all surviving members


11-17-02, 05:35 PM
funny thing, is that I had an extra ticket for the Coldplay show in Sept. in Baltimore and I posted this fact in this forum and it got closed, what makes this posting any different :(

11-17-02, 06:15 PM
<b>Giles</b>, I <I>really</i> wish you'd emailed me about this: publicly making an issue of something of this kind of means I have to start more strongly to enforce "forum policy" concerning non-approved trading threads....

.... the fact of the matter is that I <b>did</b> quietly lock <b>bothanspy</b>'s thread when I saw it and then unlocked it again after the relevant date had passed.

Locking prevents bouncing by the thread-starter altho I think this one stayed on the front page for most if not all of the relevant period - and the email details were there to allow a deal to be struck <i>off-forum</i>.

Moderator, Music Talk

11-18-02, 10:08 AM
bothanspy: you have no idea how many times I almost emailed you last Tuesday about those tickets.

I kept hemming and hawing about them all day long - since I really wanted to go to the show, but like other folks had said, I just couldn't justify the $100+ price. Especially once I knew that the show was new material heavy.

Of course, afterwards, I'm kicking myself for pretty much passing up my last chance to ever hear "In Your Eyes" live.

11-18-02, 01:11 PM
Originally posted by bothanspy
...We ended up being about 15 feet from Gabriel himself. It is a very amazing feeling to have the man make eye contact with you...Reminds me of when I saw the Wallflowers back in 1997, right after their album became really big. They were playing at Mississippi Nights in St. Louis, which is a relatively small bar. My wife and I were standing on the dance floor in a crowd, maybe 10' from the stage. That was in March or so. In August I saw them again, but at the Illinois State Fair (Springfield). This time we were in the grandstands, maybe 75 yards from stage. There was a big difference, not only in the view of course, but in the quality of the show. The Mississippi Nights concert was up close and personal, the State Fair show was "I'm on stage and there are thousands and thousands of you out there, watch me" (if that makes sense).

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