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11-08-02, 06:56 PM
I just noticed these two were available at CH. I would appreciate any commentary. Thanks.

11-09-02, 06:42 PM
I have never been able to successfully order this title as an enrollment but supposedly others have.

Frank S
11-10-02, 06:04 AM
I watched it a while ago but I do remember the two films having surprising good video and adaquate audio.

11-11-02, 03:34 AM
I recently got a copy when the Wiz was closing in my area. I don't remember any problems with the picture or sound. In fact, I seem to remember being quite pleased.

Then again, some people are more critical than I am when it comes to these things.

11-11-02, 09:11 AM
As someone who still wishes for an updated remake of Fantastic Voyage with high-tech animation, I still fondly enjoy watching this DVD from time to time. The picture and sound are OK. No extras, or 5.1 tracks, but if you liked these movies it's well worth owning, especially if you like the early films of Raquel Welch and Barbara Eden.

11-11-02, 01:52 PM
mmmmm Raquel Welch, pre-Botox and Plastic Surgery.......

El Kabong
11-11-02, 08:38 PM
Both are 2:35:1 anamorphic, with very nice colors & sharpness considering the age. And the sound might not be 5.1 both they're both surround- I think 5.0 or 4.0 or something like that- a step above 2.0 surround at least. No extras, but you get 2 movies for a low price.

11-12-02, 09:56 AM
Definitely worth the money! Two fun movies presented in very decent transfers - you won't be disappointed!

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