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10-09-02, 02:34 PM
I'm not fan of Creed, but my fiancee is. This is the 2nd time she's been screwed by them.

Last time they canceled their tour she had to eat the ticketmaster charges because apparently ticketmaster would only refund the face value of the ticket (which is lame).

Now, she took of school to go to the concert only to drive all the way out to the venue to find out it was postponed. Unfortunately she hadn't heard anything about it.

If her ticket isn't good for their rescheduled show -- she might be screwed out of $75, because she bought the ticket on ebay and b) the ticket says it's non-refundable.

She's still a fan of their music, but she's beginning to really not like the band. She says that after this, she won't be going to anymore of their concerts (good news for me. :) ).

Apparently they have a habit of cancelling and postponing shows.

10-10-02, 12:00 AM
they canceled their show here in AZ too for the second time. hopefully Scott Stapp is dead and we have no more Creed. ;)

10-10-02, 03:30 AM

Maybe STRYPER will get back together.

10-10-02, 04:58 AM
maybe god told them to cancel the shows?

10-10-02, 09:19 AM
They're probably just waiting for the new Pearl Jam CD to come out to see where their music is going next.

10-11-02, 07:37 AM
:lol: soooo damn true. Creed, the christian version of pearl jam.

10-11-02, 09:46 AM
the christian wannabe blueprints of pearl jam, to be exact.

Rypro 525
10-11-02, 04:10 PM
actually its a vocal cord problem that stapp is having problems with

10-11-02, 11:02 PM
I'm guessing that the shows are postponed because Scott Stap keeps looking at himself in the mirror ;)

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