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Steve Lynch
08-14-02, 05:54 AM
I am thinking of getting the Pioneer VSXd511 Receiver and was wondering if anyone had one and their success or failure of it?

08-14-02, 11:54 AM
just got one myself. haven't hooked everything up yet but sounds good and the unit does get pretty hot. i'll try to post more soon.

Steve Lynch
08-14-02, 02:42 PM

Thanks. I would appreciate any info you can give me on what you think of that unit. I have had Pioneer products for years and never had a problem. That unit looks like it has the most bang for the buck. I wonder if it is running hot because it is new and burning in. Usually when I get a new product I leave it on for a week as I believe with electronics if it does not go bad from the beginning then you are in luck for a good run.

08-19-02, 04:39 AM
i got the d510 about a year ago which is basically the same thing....since then ive gone through 3 dvd playes and 2 sets of speakers but kept the recveiver...pioneer makes good s--- no matter what it is,

08-19-02, 11:40 AM
I was going to get this a couple of months ago, but then realized i could get the d711 for fifty bucks more and went that route for a little extra bang. Got it for about $250 for comparison's sake. I did notice it got a little hot, and I've had to play with all the different settings available (not necessarily a bad thing...drives my fiance nuts though :) ) - but all in all i'm VERY happy. I've always had a pioneer receiver, and this one is better than the others. now if i could only get a bigger tv and better speakers to go with it!

The only thing i haven't been able to figure out is why it sounds the best in "midnight" mode....sounds hollow and thin otherwise, but this mode - as well as the loudness option - deepens the field immensely. I suspect this is a speaker issue more than anything though (no surrounds, only l/r/c - and the l/r are crap)

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