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08-01-02, 06:24 PM
This report made me laugh

Brock Lesnar was on KFAN (1280 AM) in Minneapolis, MN this morning via telephone. The DJ's asked him to come into the studio but he refused claiming that he had a doctor's appointment. He stated that he needed to receive a number of shots including a rabies vaccination for his trip to Australia.

Yeah I hope I dont meet him or i'll bite him like all us Aussies are known to do :)

08-01-02, 06:33 PM
Well at the very least, the country will try to pick his pocket since you guys are just criminals right?

I'm sure he has to remember not to drink the water. :p

08-01-02, 06:38 PM
Jack coming from someone who doesnt know what a fortnight is talk to the hand :)

Charlie Goose
08-01-02, 08:24 PM
"Maybe a dingo ate your wrestler."

http://charliegoose.homestead.com/files/goose.jpg Honk!

08-01-02, 08:44 PM
Oi Oi Oi

08-01-02, 09:27 PM
Pobody's Nerfect in Australia

The Cow
08-01-02, 10:18 PM
Brock loves Vegemite! -wink-


08-01-02, 10:20 PM
Oh Vegemite is horrible stuff

08-01-02, 11:10 PM
Be great to see a kangaroo bite him on the ass on this weeks' RAW!

08-02-02, 09:06 AM
Maybe he'll get loaded on Fosters. :D

08-02-02, 09:28 AM
What Brock needs is a really corny Aussie accent. It couldn't be any worse than his normal voice, although my theory is that his actual voice is really deep and badass, but they have him do the really light lispy voice to make him even more like Goldberg. Brock, Goldberg, Kane .... no more talkie!

Y2K Falcon
08-02-02, 09:33 AM

It's really no surprise they are going to Australia. I hear that Steph likes it "down under". *rimshot*

08-02-02, 08:43 PM
Y2K If I see Steph I plan to give her an Australian Kiss ;)

08-03-02, 09:17 PM
Originally posted by ChrisHicks
Maybe he'll get loaded on Fosters. :D

australian for beer, american for piss :p

08-04-02, 01:10 AM
Originally posted by Gattman
Y2K If I see Steph I plan to give her an Australian Kiss ;)

So you're going to hop around and try to put her in your pouch?

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