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07-12-02, 01:24 AM
Yo, I posted here a few days ago re: ps2 questions, you guy were very helpful, thanks. My question is now, not really a question, but I was wondering others opinions.

The store where I'll probably buy my ps2 at has an extended warranty for it. It's $ 50 for 2 years and its over the counter exchange.

I think this is a nice deal for OC exchange.

ex. My friend bought one from that store in xmas 2000, a year and a half later, he started gettin DREs (Disc Read Errors). So he takes it in, they clean it, brings it back home, works for a bit then same thing happens, brings it back in, they give him a brand new one off the shelf

Dosent seem like a bad deal

Any opinions??

07-12-02, 02:04 AM
My experience:

Got a PS2 a while ago at Best Buy. Rented a Blockbuster game, started playing it, the ps2 starts making weird noises. I take out the disc and notice that it was apparently used by a butcher who cut meat on it. I hurry to Best Buy, acting paranoid, and get their 40 dollar 2 year thing.

Fast forward to two months ago: the dualshock 2 that came with the ps2 loses a pin and gets loose. This is very annoying as the controller comes loose and the game pauses at random times. I call up Best Buy to see if that's even covered (I didn't think it would be). They tell me to send in the entire thing and they'll send me a gift certificate for how much I bought it for.

A while ago the ps2 price dropped from 300 to 200. After I finished sending everything in, by the time my gift certificate came back (of course it was for 300 since that's how much i paid for it), the price dropped. I bought the new ps2 and "made" 60 bucks (100 minus the 40 I paid) and now I have a perfectly fine controller.

Another price drop won't happen for a while so this probably doesn't apply to you. Just wanted to post my experience. It seems a lot of people shun anyone who gets these replacement plans as dumb and naive (for the most part, I agree) but I think when it comes to consoles, they're not a bad buy.

07-12-02, 08:22 AM
Do the Best Buy replacements plans vary in price? I paid $25 for a 2 year replacement plan on an Xbox recently. I've seen other references to higher prices for the same plan.

07-12-02, 09:38 AM
I should mention that I am talking about Future Shop in Canada so that would be $ 50 CDN, i think they have a cheaper plan but when something goes wrong they have to send it away to get it fixed.

07-12-02, 10:04 AM
I have had my PS2 for a while and have had no problem with it. I never purchase the extended warantee just because of the odds of having a problem are low. If it makes you feel better to purchase it, go for it.

"Extended Warantee, how can I lose?"

07-12-02, 01:06 PM
I wish I had bought it (although it would've been more expensive before the price drop).

My PS2 controllers don't work sometimes. I've swapped controllers with someone and determined that it's the ports on my PS2. Sony wants $120 to fix it, so I'll just wait until they are completely dead and buy a new PS2.

07-12-02, 01:12 PM
Do the Best Buy replacements plans vary in price? I paid $25 for a 2 year replacement plan on an Xbox recently. I've seen other references to higher prices for the same plan.

The other prices were for when the console prices were higher... now the X-Box & PS2 are $25, and the GC was like $17.99 for the 2 year replacement warranty

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