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04-24-02, 07:58 PM
I need help.

I just got to the Goblins and those fire attacks are killing me. I thought the swamp dragons were bad enough, but these firs guys with a measly 300 hp are wiping out my support line. I have 2 meelee chars, and they are fine they have 250+ armor and 700+ hp. I also have 1 meelee/combat magic guy, 1 archer, and 3 nature magic healers. The archer and the combat mage can hold their own, but the spray attack wipes out the other 3 faster than they can cast healing wind. What can I do? they die, casuse they are usually behind the other characters. Is there a good way to separate my guys? I am thinking of restarting and making every character be pure meelee at least until strength 13.

Tips are appreciated.

04-25-02, 11:58 AM
sorry that I don't have any tips for you but I just wondered if you or others could share your review of this game? Box looks pretty cool but I've been burnt by those things before! What do you think about the game? any other opinions?

I've been holding out for Neverwinter nights but am thinking about getting this one...

04-25-02, 01:46 PM
Dungeon Siege is boring as hell. There are a grand total of four character classes in the game: Archer, Fighter, Nature Mage, Combat Mage. And there are no abilities specific to one or the other; they only affect the skill with which you use your weapons or spells. So basically, when you finally level up, absolutely nothing happens other than some numbers changing. Gosh, wow.

I know I'm apparently in the minority here, but personally, I think this game is still coasting on the original expectations. It was supposed to be a "Diablo killer." Instead, we have a non-random (a big minus for me; part of the fun of D & D2 was the idea that a really cool item could be generated randomly any second) game that has somehow decided to remove everything that made its predecessors great.

And heaven help you if you decide to play a fighter. The characters have an AI, so you don't have to click on enemies to fight them. In other words, the entire game for the fighter boils down to pushing 'H' to heal when in trouble. Wheeeee.

And what's with the story? D2 and, hell, even D1 had a better storyline. Not to spoil it for anyone, but here's what I saw of it: "I'm a farmer, so it's my job to save the world. Apparently, it was in the small print in my contract somewhere."

I had a friend who tried to argue for the merits of the game, but I noticed that he dropped it for Wizardry 8 only a few hours after I did. The game is just boring.

Please, can someone out there who actually finished this pile of dung tell me precisely why they enjoyed it? I only got five or six hours in, so maybe I missed some grand epiphany.

04-25-02, 04:29 PM
While I'm not there yet, I still fighting in the Ice Cavern, here some tips that may help. Have your melee guys equip range weapons like bow have all your mages equip with range magic like firebomb for combat mage and dancing zap for nature mage also cast some summon creatures like Killer Gerbil while they might dies fighting at least they take off some of the monsters hitpoints, also it help too equip special items that increased your range attack (ring, armor, etc.). Be sure to use your hot keys for example Ctrl 1 for your primary weapons, Ctrl 2 for healing spells. Use the "shoot and run" tactics, that mean shoot with your range attack and then run back till they can't follow you. Cast your healing spells if needed then repeat. Also I see that you have only seven character, I suggest you dump your packmule and hire another character and use him/her as another archer. Hope this was helpful I found this tips useful too me when fighting those Huge rock golem in the dwarven mine.

04-25-02, 06:08 PM
I too was impressed by the game's graphics, but that's all it has going for it. While I enjoyed the first few hours, I quickly grew tired of the non-gameplay. RPGs tend to focuse on either non-linearity or a deep story - being a fan of Final Fantasy and more console-style RPGs, I tend to enjoy the latter more. However, Dungeon Siege has neither.

Neverwinter Nights looks to become the greatest RPG on the face of the planet. Not that I'm hyped up about it or anything, ibut I would wait...

04-25-02, 09:42 PM
Guy needs help with game he likes.
Other guys decide its perfect time to trash said game.
Real mature.

Anyways, I assume its the Flame Machines and not the individual Flame Gobbots that got you?

If so, my best advice is to insure you concentrate attacks there.
Don't have all Nature Mages do Healing Wind, only one or two. You can only heal so fast, its not instant. The other(s) should focus on fighting. I suggest Flash, as it is low in cost, high in damage, and fairly fast attack for your level.

Keep some Ressurect Scrolls on hand. If someone dies, forget them, keep fighting. Actually, one of your mages should have enough levels to ressurect shouldn't they?

Have your Nature Mages, and Combat to some extent, summon and boost your melee fighters in between battles. Those spells do not do a whole lot, but combined can give you an edge. If you have the ability, as suggested, some spells like Dancing Zp are nice, as they affect multiple targets.

Frankly, I am not sure how your Mages are close enough to be getting hit so hard. If you have them activate Healing Wind before attacking, they should stay back farther and not move forward.

Hope this all helps.

04-26-02, 03:16 AM
maybe you guys should start your own thread. I have a save file if anyone wants to take a crack at this room. I know I can use a cheat code, but I don't want to. Email me if interested.

04-26-02, 05:58 AM
Originally posted by outer-edge
Guy needs help with game he likes.
Other guys decide its perfect time to trash said game.
Real mature.

Perhaps you could try reading the thread before you make accusations. Someone else asked for a review of the game (the second post), because they're considering buying it. Having played it, and disliked it intensely, I figured I'd warn the guy. If you disagree, post your opinions; don't insult those who are participating in legitimate discussion.

04-26-02, 09:00 AM
sorry for the highjack roquer :( should have started my own thread I guess... forgive me?

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