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View Full Version : such a thing as region free DVD/VCR?

04-02-02, 12:28 AM
I need to know if there's such a thing as a region free DVD/VCR combo player. It also needs to play S-VHS and have digital A/V output (like to attach to my computer's firewire). thanks!

04-02-02, 01:34 AM
go video is the only company that I can think of that makes combo dvd/vcr units. There might be a place that can render the DVD part of it region free, but I don't know. Are you starting a bootleg DVD business? :)

04-02-02, 07:17 AM
sounds like it to me!!!!

04-02-02, 08:12 AM
no I'm not. Those are just all features I need.

04-02-02, 09:36 AM
I would just suggest buying a good region free DVD player, and running it your to VCR. Most of those combo players make the Apex look like it was made of steel. Buy a separte Hi-Fi VHS deck if you need to, as it will be cheaper and the quality will be better.

I would suggest trying to track down a Daewoo 5700 at Sam's Club for $89. It can be region free with a remote code combo, and Macrovision free with a firmware upgrade.


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