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03-17-02, 01:18 PM
I've heard that both of these TV series are similar. TL is a UK series and SLOU
is an Ausie series. Don't know much else about them but I ordered Secret Life 1st Season) because I've heard good things about it. Does anyone want to
compare the two?

I saw that the 1st Season of This Life was up at amazon.co.uk but it was only a 2 disc set. Does anyone know how many episodes are on the two discs?

Is "This Life" worth ordering?

03-20-02, 10:03 AM
Hey there,

I've watched both THIS LIFE and SECRET LIFE OF US and SECRET LIFE is, hands down, my choice for "best TV ever." It's great fun, as addictive as potato chips, and the characters are incredibly memorable and likeable. It's considered a drama but has some fun in it, and is also a bit soap opera-y, but nearly to the extent of something like "Melrose Place." It seemed pretty realistic to me. It also aired in 2001 -- the DVD release was a quick one.

THIS LIFE was out in 1995, and it's definitely worth watching -- it's a great show, but is more heavy-drama than fun. It follows the lives of several college friends who are all mid/late-20s lawyers, sharing a house. I really liked the show (can't remember how many episodes on it... maybe 12?), but it wasn't an addiction the way SECRET LIFE was. According to some of my Brit friends, THIS LIFE sort of paved the way for more film-like, well-written, heavy-hitting TV like the original British "Queer as Folk."

If you're shopping around for SECRET LIFE, chaosmusic.com has the best prices. And the trick is, once you've ordered AU$50 worth of merchandise, you get 10% off of all future purchases over $50 (I think that's the right amounts)... so just buy a couple DVDs to start, then take advantage of the discount.

Enjoy... SECRET LIFE is like crack!!!

03-20-02, 10:10 AM
p.s. Here's the thread where we had some discussion about SECRET LIFE...


03-20-02, 11:53 AM
Secret Life is great AND filmed by people who know how to hold a camera still!

Hated This Life - got motion sickness watching it.

03-20-02, 06:48 PM
I like chaosmusic and was going to order from them because of the 10% discount. I believe the total was something like $216.00 AUD with the 10% discount and shipping included. They said they were on backorder for 1-2 weeks.

I checked EzyDVD which doesn't offer a 10% discount but the prices are slightly cheaper anyway. I ordered all 7 for around $212 AUD shipped and ot was
shipped the next day.

Granted, the difference in price between chaos and ezyDVD was only around $4 AUD ($2 U.S.) but the big difference is that EZY had them in stock.

I've ordered from both e-tailers before and highly recommend them.

I can't wait to receive these DVDs.

Maybe Chaos had a sale price recently, though I feel like I got a decent price.

03-20-02, 10:55 PM
YOu MUST MUST MUST post your review up here once you've gotten through 3 or 4 eps of SECRET LIFE. Can't wait to hear your feedback.... it's my new favorite thing in the world. I even got the CD.

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