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Hollow Man
02-26-02, 04:02 PM
Is there a way to tell if an item is in stock at DeepDiscountDVD?



Maryang Palad
02-26-02, 04:15 PM
Check your shopping cart and there's a comment on items that are not on stock.

02-26-02, 04:22 PM
Yeah, you can tell by putting something in your shopping cart.

If it is not in stock, there will be red text under the item that says "* This item is currently not in stock and will ship as soon as it is available." If there's no text, you're all set.

Hollow Man
02-26-02, 06:03 PM
Thanks for the help guys!


02-26-02, 06:54 PM
Ordered 2 titles last night and 1 was shown to be out-of-stock. Okay, fine, place the order. Today I get the confirmation email and both titles I ordered have an OK after which means they are in-stock but to my bewilderment I now have another title listed on the order and a 21.25 one at that!!! So my 39.52 order is now 60.77. I called right away and the guy said he took it off and it had not shipped yet but my order status says the total charged was 60.77 and from my experiences with them, that is what I was charged on my CC. I printed out the screen after the order was made and their first email only shows the 2 titles ordered.

First time I have had anything like this happened buying on-line. My order status actually says: Order Total 39.52, Total Charged 60.77.

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