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02-25-02, 11:27 AM
I placed a preorder for Jay and Silent Bob. I also ordered a couple other titles ( Harry Potter- preorder, and The Crush- backordered).

Now to my question, Jay and Silent Bob will be out tomorrow- my account still is marked preorderfor J&S Bob. Why hasn't it shipped yet?

I had read on the forum that frequently people had been getting preorders sooner than street dates. I wondered if the fact that the other titles are not in stock, if that could mess up my order?

Thanks for the input.

Hollow Man
02-25-02, 11:33 AM
When did you place the preorder? Perhaps you simply haven't given them enough time to review your order. It does take time to review your request, check their stock, charge your card, and ship product out.

I know when I ordered from them it took about 24 hrs. to receive an official confirmation email.


02-25-02, 11:43 AM
I placed the order Thursday during the day.

Hollow Man
02-25-02, 12:11 PM
It might take a few days to fill the order. They're probably filling J&SB preorders for those that ordered before you.

It could take a while for it to arrive regardless. My Book of the Dead took over a week after they said it shipped, while others who supposedly were shipped at the same time got it sooner. Media mail seems to be a crap shoot with regards to when it will arrive.


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