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Doc Moonlight
02-25-02, 07:54 AM
I bought a copy of COMPANEROS at Best Buy and it wouldn't load either in my DVD player or on my computer. I had the receipt and they didn't give me any hassles about exchanging it for a new copy, but when I brought the new sealed copy to the return area, the clerk opened it before processing my return. I guess this was to prevent me from going to another BB and trying to get a refund on a sealed copy. Don't know if this is a local store or a national "policy". (BTW, the new copy played fine. For a minute, I was afraid that I had found another Anchor Bay title that wouldn't play on certain machines).

02-25-02, 11:09 AM
It's always a pain in the kiester to exchange anything at my local Best Buy. The only time I didn't have a problem was right after Christmas. I got the Twin Peaks season one set from amazon.com, but the hub holding in disc four was completely broken out, so I wanted a new one cuz I knew that the disc would be scratched and only get in worse shape over time. Best Buy didn't give me a problem when I told them it was a Christmas present. But it's a hassle in a half when I do have a reciept. I have to stand in line at the customer service counter, then some clerk looks at the DVD itself, then walks me over to the computer tech department, I have to stand in line AGAIN and have somebody there look at the DVD, then I have to go get the title I want, and stand in line AGAIN at the customer service counter and then I have to sign some long form with my address and other information on it. All to do an even exchange. It's a real horrible experience.

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