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02-18-02, 03:35 PM
I ordered an Onkyo 494 and NSP-1 speaker set up from them a couple weeks ago.

I waited a couple days, didn't hear from them, so I called them up. I was told: we have the receiver ready to ship but we are having to retrieve the NSP-1 set from our retail store b/c we only have two left in stock. I was a little mad that it was taking them so long for them to ship out my order (3 days) but was glad that it was finally being sent out. They said they'd call tommorow with a tracking number On the following day, no call from them (of course) so I rang them up right before they closed and was given a UPS tracking number. Great, it's on its way!

A couple days pass and I never bother to check the weight on the package until a few days later. 25 lbs is awful light for a receiver and set of speakers. I call them up thinking they had forgotten to give me the tracking number for the NSP-1 set and get "We're sorry Mr. Swindled, that item has been put on backorder indefinitely." Gee, thanks for telling me before shipping out the Onkyo 494. Great, now I have a receiver making its way from NY to LA w/o any speakers to go with it. Maybe I can imagine how good it'll sound while I wait for the NSP-1 for an indefinite amount of time.

I cancel the order and refuse shipment from UPS. Two weeks later, my CC is charged back minus shipping charges. Unbelievable. I call them up again-asking for the 22.50 to be charged back. I'm put on hold for 5 minutes and am told "We'll offer you a 10 dollar store credit". It took quite a bit of effort to keep my cool and explain to him that I did not agree with this. He puts me on hold again for 10 minutes. By now, i can see what he's doing-he's hoping I don't have the patience to stay on the line. He gets back on and says the entire 22.50 will be charged back in 24-72 hours. We'll see if it happens.

Bottonline: This may be an isolated case as I'm sure many of you have had great experiences ordering from this company. However, this was quite a weasly experience for me and I felt the need to convey it.

02-18-02, 04:08 PM
That does suck, but, I have had tons of good experiences from them. They are always willing to match whatever price I give them and they have reasonable shipping. I guess every company screws up sooner or later though.

02-20-02, 12:15 PM
My First order was handled extremely ontime and target.
Second, not shipped until a week later despite me calling two times (4th day = they do not work on weekend Sat/Sun duh & 6th day = sorry there was back log).
For that, I hesitate to order anything else from them at this point.

02-20-02, 04:27 PM
I ordered a pair of the n24's from them a month or so ago. They came in just a few days, after providing me with the tracking number shortly after the order was placed. Just thought I'd share. Why don't you see if they still have 2 sets of the n24's and an n-center and see if they'll still give you the price of the set?

02-20-02, 07:29 PM
J&R has slowly gone downhill since the summer IMO. I used to do all my shopping through them because they always seemed so much better then everybody. But last summer I bought a tv for my bedroom with next day deliverly, and it took 5 buisness days to get it. The tracking # showed it wasn't shipped until 3 days after I placed the order (even though I called to check if the one I wanted was in stock whicj I was told it was and would be shipped in 24 hours).
Since then it's been small problems here and there, none of the problems would prevent me from ordering again but the idea that each time I order I can expect something else to happen makes makes me hesitate. It's too bad to, because I've been ordering though them for 4-5 years and never had even the slightest problem before last summer.

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