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02-15-02, 09:06 PM

1st off all, I'm sorry that my english is not as good as your's guys, but I hope you can understand it....:)

I'm new to this whole DVD world, and you can say that I know nothing ecsept the name, so may I ask some Q's?? Ok, that's great, thank you:).

I've read in the reviews section that there's a review for the "Training Day", and when I checked the amazon.com, I found that it's to be release in the March 19th. So now the Q is, if I ordered this titel now, would they ship it in the same day? or shoul I wait tell the release date??and the same Q for those titeles:

*Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
*Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me.

What do I mean" Are those Titleles availabile those days to buy and to be shipped in the same day if I used the fastest way for the shipping??"
And once I remeber my friend bought the forrest gomb before it as release and they shipped it to him be4 the release date arrive.

Please it's important 4 me to know, cause I've a 200$ order:(.

And the site that I'm gonna buy those DVD's from is WWW.AMAZON.COM


2nd Q is that do you recommend me to buy those titles or not:

*The French Connection (Five Star Collection)
*Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
*Amores Perros
*The English Patient ( I've heard that there is a SE coming out, true??)
*Blue Velvet ( the same thing about the SE, but when I think about it I cannot belive it, I mean it's Lynche's!!)

OK, that's enough for this time.:)

Thnks in advance....

M16 at your Service Sir.......

DVD Smurf
02-15-02, 09:26 PM
Welcome to the forum M16, and hold your fire. :D (Sorry, could help myself.)

Anyway, your question regarding DVD's that are purchased from Amazon.com is one that I think I can help you with. If you clicked on the order that says Group my items into as few shipments as possible, you will get them all around the latest release date, which would be the date of Training Day and sometimes they might get a little late (up to a week). However, if you clicked on the option that says I want my items faster. Ship items as they become available. Then you will pay more for shipping, but get them as they are released. (This too might get a little late.) Hope this was useful.

Good Luck M16, and once again welcome!

Personally, I liked them all. However, I never saw the new Kevin Smith film.

02-15-02, 09:53 PM
Again...."1st off all, I'm sorry that my english is not as good as your's guys, but I hope you can understand it...." :)

Hi "DVD Smurf", and thank you for your immediate response, and I apreciate that..

But....:) I think that you did not get the Q cause of my bad english:(, so I'll try to make it clear this time:

How did the guy who reviewed the "Training Day" got the DVD to review it?? or is it just for this site?? I mean may be the studio give you a sample to write about, like the movie critics, watch the movies be4 we do.

and as I said there is a friend of mine who got the dvd B4 it's release date.

I know all about shippiing method, but what I want to ask is that, Is there any posipility that the item is being shippied B4 it's release date?? like "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back","Twin Peaks - Fire Walk with Me" and "Training day". Can they be shpped those days??

thank you DVD Smurf again, and may I have more Inf. from you and more openion from the other members...

thanx in advance....

M16 at your Service Sir.......

02-16-02, 01:16 AM
It's highly unlikely you will see a DVD from Amazon before the release date. If you order from Training Day from Amazon now, you will not get the disc until the release date in March (or whenever the release date is for that title). You can wait to order, but after the release date comes, amazon charges more for the same disc.

As for how a guy has reviewed it already, there are a few possibilities
1) He got a disc early to review it. Some people get early copies to review for various reasons
2) He just typed a review of the movie, since he saw it and kows the movie
3) He just made it up

02-16-02, 07:32 AM
As this deals mostly with a query about Amazon, moving to the Store forum.

M16, for reviews/recommendations try DVD Talk's reviews -- http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/index.php

- C

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