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01-29-02, 04:16 PM
Any fellow Canadians find BEVERLY HILLS COP films today. I found GROUNDHOG DAY:SE but nowwhere went had any of the COP films and said they hadn't even heard of its release at three stores...too weird.

01-29-02, 05:00 PM
www.absound.ca has it in stock (and at a very good price too).

The Pro
01-29-02, 05:28 PM
i found 1 and 2 in Cdplus easily at 10 today.

01-29-02, 08:28 PM
I couldn't find them either! :(

Jean Paul

Toxic Handshake
01-30-02, 12:18 PM
I got Beverly Hills Cop at Future Shop yesterday. I also saw the box set there.

01-30-02, 07:50 PM
Originally posted by Toxic Handshake
I got Beverly Hills Cop at Future Shop yesterday. I also saw the box set there.

I'll confirm this as that's where I bought mine.

I only got I & II, as III does nothing for me, and the price of the boxset didn't make it worth my while. $23Cdn each, and the box set was $68Cdn. For a buck, I can do w/o the box and a (IMHO) poor movie. ;)

Jar Jar Sixpack
01-31-02, 04:56 PM
Future Shop in Lethbridge Alberta has plenty in stock.

Of course, this does no good unless you are lucky enough to live in Lethbridge :)

01-31-02, 08:31 PM
I thought the title of this thread was a plot synopsis of a new Beverly Hills Cop movie :P

02-01-02, 02:28 AM
A&B sound in vancouver had them in large quantities.

I think I also saw them in Virgin Megastore as well ( but who wants to pay Virgin prices!! )

02-01-02, 09:22 AM
Tons in FutureShop. $69.99, or $23.99 each individual.

02-01-02, 12:01 PM
It is/was CDN$61.99 plus GST at http://www.archambault.ca

Free shipping (Canada only?) for orders over CDN$50. No PST for orders outside Quebec (not sure about the Maritimes).


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