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01-21-02, 03:19 PM
I live in the Netherlands and because of the great reviews FiveStar got on this site i thought to myself why not check them out. So i read to which countries they ship but unfortunately did not look on the refunding page. I just thought if this is such a great store what could go wrong.
So i placed an order for 5 titles for about $120.00 including shipping. I waited 3 weeks but received nothing.
I waited that long because of Christmas and New Years Day.
So i mailed them asking what happened to my order.
All they had to say was :just pay the shipping charge again and we will send you your order again.
After reading that my thought was if i did not receive my order the first time what guaranty did i have that it would succeed with the second try. So i asked if they would refund me my money.
But they DO NOT give refunds to INTERNATIONAL customers because they DO NOT believe them.
They said:Any international customer can say that they did not receive their order and ask for a refund ( in other words :if you are an internationel customer and you claim you never received your order you are lying )
The only option they give me is keep paying for shipping till i receive my ordered discs or loose my money.
The same principal goes for a lottery:you got to keep paying money for a new tickect ( read shipping charges ) till you get your jackpot ( read the ordered discs you allready paid for ).
I learned my overpriced lesson and will NEVER EVER place an order with FiveStar again.This store still has a lot to learn when it comes to great costumerservice.

01-21-02, 03:56 PM
Many online stores don't do international business for the very reason you've brought up. Basically, there is no recourse for a US company if an international buyer tries to rip them off by saying the items never arrived.

However, it's foolish for any online site willing to do business internationally not to send via Fed Ex or other trackable delivery agent. It seems like common sense for them to do that in order to protect themselves.

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