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01-19-02, 10:33 PM
I have a pre-played RE:CVX I'm putting up for trade. It's from blockbuster, and other than the barcode sticker on it, the disc is in perfect condition. The manual is included of course, and it also includes a bonus Devil May Cry demo disc.

Since it was a BB rental and has a sticker on it, I realize you might not want to trade away a disc you paid full price for, so I'd be willing to take offers for almost anything. Some titles I'm interested in are:

Jax and Daxter
Final Fantasy X
Metal Gear Solid 2
Tekken Tag Tournament
Madden 2002
Dark Cloud
WWF Smackdown
Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore
Spy Hunter
SSX Tricky

feel free to make an offer for anything though... and I'll let you know if I'm interested.

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