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01-18-02, 08:14 PM
Noticed people posting deals for DVDs from some Canadian stores and I was wondering if the rest of the forum knew of any other good Canadian places to look for deals on DVDs for people in the States!?

I figured it would be cheaper to purchase DVDs from our online Northern neighbors than in the states w/ the money conversion and all BUT that may not be so if shipping is horrendous.

Thanx in advace.

01-18-02, 10:39 PM

Flat shipping, decent prices. Buy all the Canadian-only special edition releases (Good Will Hunting, Ginger Snaps, Pulp Fiction, etc.) at once to save on shipping. I've used 'em. I like 'em. :)

Used TAU once, to buy Anne of Green Gables (Canadian only) for my girlfriend for her birthday. Not a bad deal, plus they had a coupon to sweeten the deal.

Never used them, but they used to offer $10 off (I think) coupons. Don't know if they still do. Seem to be recommended here.
Just remember: most (if not all) Canadian retailers show funds in Canadian dollars. So don't scream when you see the prices. Although your total may be Canadian dollars, when you are charged, your financial institution will do the conversion.

For example, the flat rate shipping at absound is $6, but it's Canadian--currently $3.72 US. Go to http://www.xe.com/ucc/ to convert from Canadian to US.

Hope this helps.

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01-18-02, 11:28 PM

Has the best price for Die Hard Ultimate Collection (works out at c.$US42 inc shipping with another title using coupon below) (EDIT - and the Godfather it seems). I got the discs in 8 days (to Australia)

$C15 off $80 coupon expiring 31 Jan - hmv6925 - enter through www.hmv.com/jandvd

I can also recommend www.absound.ca

TAU also isn't bad but I had a nasty experience getting them to send a replacement for an empty Clerks case I received.

01-19-02, 12:31 AM
Kudos to both of ya!

I found your advices helpful! I actually went to HMV.com and used the code to get myself the Godfather Boxset for CA$86.98 shipped which according to the monetary conversion at xe.com for tonite comes to US$53.96 which is by far the cheapest I could find using various DVD price search engines!!! Hopefully my credit card will be locked in for this amount before the conversion rate changes against me!

Again thanx to all who responded!

Tony Block
01-19-02, 12:38 AM
I live in kansas City and used both of these Canadian websites before. I recommend both sites.

I ordered the Canadian version of eXistenZ from


and the Canadian Ginger Snaps at


cheers, Tony Block

01-19-02, 01:22 AM
Cool! Just picked up <B>Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story</B> for Valentine's Day for my girlfriend. Didn't even know this one was out. She's been pining for it ever since I bought her the first two for her birthday.

Total Action Universe had the best price: $32.95 CDN ($20.44 US). To maximize the $4 flatrate shipping, I also grabbed a copy of Point Break for her. (She went skydiving in the plane that they used in the movie, so she's been pining for that too!) After the conversion, Point Break was less than $15, better than anywhere else stateside.

Total cost: about $37.15 US. Not bad for a gift. :)

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01-19-02, 02:00 AM
I used www.dvdboxoffice.com once. Shipping is free (already factored in the price) and service is ok.

My friend in Australia ordered from them before. One package was apparently lost but they replaced it without problem.

01-21-02, 06:30 AM
Don't forget DVDimport.com!
Free shipping and great prices. Placed multiple orders with them en have had only positive experiences, especially with the fast shipping.

01-24-02, 03:32 PM
For example, the flat rate shipping at absound is $6, but it's Canadian--currently $3.72 US. Go to http://www.xe.com/ucc/ to convert from Canadian to US.

Ouch.. good for you yanks... bad for Canucks buying in the states.. I think that's the worst I seen...

01-26-02, 11:07 AM
Got my Godfather DVD collection on 01/25/2002...yesterday! Damn, I only made the order like on the 19th of January on www.hmv.com ... pretty fast!

thanx again for all the replies and help...you're awesome!

01-26-02, 03:28 PM
Anyone know what "Total Action Universe" toll free # is. I called the number 1-877-40-total on their site and it says it has beenn discounted. I still have not gotten my X-Files Season #4 boxset after they twice told me it had been shipped and reshipped out.

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