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01-15-02, 11:46 AM
I haven't used them for a while. I remember there were
problems with inventory before they reorganized. How are
they now? Has anyone used them since they have started
the 99 cents per item shipping? I'm planning to make a
purchase of 4 dvds, and only one is in stock. Is this a bad idea?

01-15-02, 05:56 PM
I just made a purchase for them for 3 DVDs from their Bargain Basement selection. I got my DVDs in great order in about 4 days. I never got any email confirmations that they had sent out the order or had received the order but I still received them without any problems. IMO, they're still pretty sketchy when it comes to selling items that they don't have stock for. If you do order, they might also charge you first even though they don't have the items yet because they call it a point of sale, ie, they made the sale so they can charge you.

01-15-02, 10:16 PM
I've ordered from them a couple of times since they "came back from the dead" and have been pretty happy. (I've gotten a couple of amazing deals in their "Bargain Basement".)

In general, I think if the web site says they have something in stock, you can be comfortable ordering it and knowing that you'll get decent service. But they don't seem to be back on their feet yet in the sense that I would feel comfortable using them as a "primary" e-tailer and preorder stuff there.

I use Amazon, CDNow, DeepDiscountDVD, or DVDPlanet for my main purchases and preorders. I use DVDExpress to hunt through the virtual bargain bins. Maybe someday they'll be a bit more reliable as an online store, but they aren't there yet. Just doing a search on their site for random titles will show you that their inventory is pretty low and sporatic.

And, yes, ordering out-of-stock merchandise there is a bad idea. Lately, it's best to assume that if they don't have something, they ain't gonna get it.

01-16-02, 10:21 AM
I just ordered some bargain basement stuff a few minutes ago. I was really disappointed the last time I ordered from them and I still have orders from over a year ago showing as "pending" that I have tried to delete. I think there are still problems, but I am intrigued with their Bargain Basement. It seems that they are trying to reduce inventory of less-popular titles. There are good bargains there sometimes, but once they sell out of a title, they do not restock it and it shows up as "unavailable". This sort of indicates to me that they are trying a new business strategy by stocking and selling more mainstream & new release stuff, which means they are planning on being around a while. I figured I would take another shot at it and see what happens.

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