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01-14-02, 04:07 PM
Over the weekend I bought a Technics SA-DX950 receiver and a Sony SS-CN495H center channel speaker. I was watching a movie last night and noticed some crackling sound during the ending credits coming from the center channel. Also when I got everything hooked up Sat. and was listening to a cd through my dvd player I thought I heard some crackling coming through the center channel. I know my speakers are rated to handle the power capacity of the receiver. What could this be attributed to? It's driving me crazy. This is my first(entry level) home theater system and I want everything to work properly. Thanks for any info/advice!

Here's my full audio set up:
Technics SA-DX950 receiver
Sony DVP-NC600 5 disc dvd/cd player
Sony SS-CN495H center channel
Sony SSM-B100H bookshelf speakers
Sony SAWM40 subwoofer

Master J
01-14-02, 05:40 PM
Make sure withing the center channel settings of your receiver, the center is set for "small" . This will keep any low frequencies from the speaker which could cause this distortion.

Also double check your wiring and make sure the positive and negative leads are not touching anywhere, which could also lead to problems.

If netiher of these two suggestions solve the problem, you may have a blown speaker and it would be a good time to return it, whil it is still new and under warrnaty.


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