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View Full Version : Tombstone Vista shipped from Amazon on the 11th!

01-12-02, 07:35 AM
I thought they had goofed in their shipping notice as I had 3 other items and just figured they shipped them and would be sending out Tombstone after the 15th.

Well, they wrote back responding wtih:

"I have checked the status of your order and found that it has already shipped on 01/11/2002. All you items have been shipped together as we receive "tombstone" from our suppliers early than we expected and shipped it to you straight away."


01-12-02, 12:55 PM
My Tombstone and Sixth Sense (both Vista Series) shipped from Amazon on the 9th.

That's 6 days early.

Not too shabby.

01-15-02, 08:03 AM
MyTombstone (and Mad Max) also shipped on the 11th. It came on the 14th - that's the first of my many Amazon pre-orders that came before the street date. Cool!

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