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01-10-02, 02:58 AM
<font size = 4 color = red>DVD Boxsets</font>
Decalogue (3-discs) <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
<s>Godfather DVD collection (5-disc set) <font color=red>($55)</font></s> <font color=red>SOLD!</font>
Nightmare on Elm Street Collection <font color=red>($75)</font>
Peanuts Classic Holiday Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
<s>Sopranos: Complete 2nd Season</s> <font color=red>Pending!</font>
X-Files Season 1 <font color=green>(1 sealed, 1 opened)</font>
X-Files Season 2
X-Files Season 3 <font color=green>(sealed)</font>

<font size = 4 color = red>Criterion Collection DVD's</font>
And God Created Woman: Criterion Collection
Black Narcissus: Criterion Collection
Brazil CC: Criterion Collection (3-disc) <font color=red>($45)</font>
Chasing Amy: Criterion Collection
Grand Illusion: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
High & Low: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Insomnia: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Lady Vanishes: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
The Most Dangerous Game: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Robocop: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Rock CC: Criterion Collection
Rushmore CC: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Rushmore CC: Criterion Collection
Seventh Seal: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Sisters: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
The Third Man: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
<s>The Third Man: Criterion Collection</s> <font color=red>Pending!</font>
Unbearable Lightness of Being: Criterion Collection
Rififi: Criterion Collection <font color=green>(sealed)</font>

<font size = 4 color = red>Mainstream DVD’s</font>
A Knight’s Tale (PVD)
Abyss, The
Air Bud World Pup
Air Force One
Akira LE Tin <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill
American Beauty: Awards Edition <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Apollo 13 (DTS)
Art of War
Black Mask
Bridge on the River Kwai LE (2-disc)
Clerks: CE
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
(Disney) Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
(Disney) 101 Dalmatians (Live Action)
(Disney) Recess: School’s Out
Dances With Wolves DD
Deep Impact
Double Jeopardy
Dragonheart (DTS) <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (animation)
Evil Dead II Tin #30046/50000 <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Fifh Element
Finding Forrester
Gen-X Cops
Hollow Man SE
InsideDVD issue 5
Jackal: CE
Killing Fields, The
Meet The Parents
Men of Honor
Michael Jordan to the Max (IMAX)
O Brother Where Art Thou
Out of Sight: CE <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Patriot: SE
Perfect Storm
Planet of the Apes (2001) (2-disc)
Remember The Titans (WS)
Repo Man: Limited Edition Tin #24464/30000
Romancing The Stone
Row your Boat
Scream 2
Seven (2-disc) <font color=green>(sealed)</font>
Silence of the Lambs SE WideScreen
Space Cowboys
Starship Troopers
Story of Us (DTS)
Tora! Tora! Tora! SE
Total Recall Tin
Three Kings
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
X-Files: The Movie (DTS)

<font size = 4 color = red>PS2 & GBC games</font>
Madden 2002 PS2
Madden 2001 PS2
Klonoa 2 PS2 <font color=red>($35)</font>
Dead Or Alive 2 PS2 <font color=red>($35)</font>
Star Wars: StarFighter PS2 <font color=red>($25)</font>
Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2 Strategy Guide (Only) (PS2) <font color=red>($5)</font>
Metal Gear Solid GBC
Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 GBC

<font size = 5 color = blue>W A N T S</font>
GameCube system
DreamCast system
X-Box system
X-Files season 4
Spartacus CC
Passion of Joan of Arc CC
Red Shoes CC
Legally Blonde
Grinch SE WideScreen
Desperado SuperBit
The Legend 2 (Jet Li)
Mask of Zorro SE
Princess of Thieves
Storm Riders
Tokyo Raiders
Iron Monkey (1993/black & green cover art)
Naked Gun
Naked Gun 2 1/2
PS2 games (MGS2, GTA3, AC4, DMC, Crash, and more…)
Palm V/Vx/m500/m505/ Sony Clie / Handspring Visor
...and many more

Prices includes shipping. 1 DVD title will be shipped USPS First Class. More than one DVD title will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail with Confirmation. Money order only (Postal Money Order preferred)!

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